Sunday afternoon thriller but Cheshire prevail over the Sharks

B. Braun Sheffield Sharks
B. Braun Sheffield Sharks
April 14, 20248:30 PM

Sunday 14th April 2024

British Basketball League Regular Season

B. Braun Sheffield Sharks 92 Cheshire Phoenix 99

The B. Braun Sheffield Sharks played their part in a thrilling shootout with Cheshire Phoenix but ended up on the losing side by just 7 points. The Sharks fought back to make it a single possession game inside the final twenty seconds but an outrageous shooting afternoon by the ‘Nix took them to the 92-99 win and a guaranteed second place in the standings. Prentiss Nixon shone with an assist-laden display as again the Sharks shared the workload but Cheshire, who took more three point shots than they did two’s, hit the net with regularity for their 23rd victory of the campaign. The race for fourth place in the table now goes down to the final weekend with the Sharks needing to beat Saturday’s opponents, Plymouth, to have the chance of a better seeding.

Starting Fives

Sharks: Ramsey, Eytle-Rock, Green, Ratinho, Koch.

Phoenix: Rai, White, Jack, Rideau, Chargois.

Key Moments

The Sharks opened with the joint most points made in the first quarter this season. After Skyler White’s opening corner three point shot, a 20-3 run emphasised how hungry the Sharks were. Jordan Ratinho and Devearl Ramsey replied in kind and 9 points from Bennett Koch ended the streak at 20-6. Cheshire fought back through consecutive Cam Christon baskets and an Ethan Chargois triple but three successful shots from the line concluded an electric 30-17 start by Atiba Lyons’ men.

The Sharks extended that lead by four at the start of the second quarter. Jalon Pipkins baseline one-handed dunk was followed by a rearrange but Cheshire continued to live or die by the three. Chargois, White and Phoenix skipper Maceo Jack all connected from behind the arc, matched only by the Sharks’ Rodney Glasgow Jr. Cheshire’s Laquincy Rideau joined the three-fest in a 0-7 spurt and the game became a three point affair on Cam Holden’s putback on the buzzer with the score at 47-44.

The Phoenix added a further 27 points in the third period. Jack found more three point success from the wing as Cheshire edged into the lead and the Sharks called for time at 52-57. The Sharks response was treys from Jalon Pipkins and Kipper Nichols but the ‘Nix held their five point lead on Jack’s free throw at 66-71. The Sharks finished strongly however. A bench technical, converted by Glasgow was followed by a Pipkins bucket as the quarter ended in the balance at 69-71.

The ball continued to fly through the hoop in the final stanza. Rodney Glasgow tied the game up with the opening basket but Cheshire, who attempted an astonishing 34 three point shots throughout the contest, found further success through Holden, Jack and Christon. Aaryn Rai, relatively subdued by his exceptionally high standards, gave the visitors a 77-90 lead with 3 minutes to go but Malek Green kept the Sharks in touch at 84-92 as both Rideau and the Sharks’ Marcus Delpeche fouled out of the game. Even down to the last 20 seconds, the Sharks refused to give up. A Prentiss Nixon three was followed by a Malek Green and-one play as the game remained in the balance at 92-95. The penalty took its toll on the Sharks however as Cheshire saw out the game from the line with the score at 92-99.


Remarkably, Cheshire took only 26 two point shots to go with 34 from beyond the arc, finishing with a 56% completion rate overall. Despite their free-scoring approach, the Sharks were none-too-shabby themselves as four players ended with double figures. Jalon Pipkins set the ball rolling with 10 points and there was a 71% success rate for Kipper Nichols, who ended with 12 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 block. Malek Green made some key plays in his usual energetic fashion down the stretch to finish with 18 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal but the MVP award belonged to Prentiss Nixon. His 13 assists was a Sharks best for the season and went with 15 very timely points for an index of 25. While he didn’t see his side to the win on this occasion, the competitive nature of the contest showed that the Sharks are still in rude health with one game in regular season remaining to be played.

Next game

B. Braun Sheffield Sharks v Plymouth City Patriots, Saturday April 20th 2024, Canon Medical Arena, 8.00pm Tip Off.


Adam Bates