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Drago brings to the Sharks a wealth of experience playing in Germany, Austria, and Slovenia where upon he averaged 20 mins and 11points per game. Drago enjoyed success at every level including international experience for the U20 and U18 Slovenian National Team.

“I am excited to have Drago in Sheffield. His style of play is something we have been missing in our system for a couple seasons. He can shoot the ball and handle the ball very well for a player in his position,” said Lyons.

After multiple changes to the team and injuries the Sharks have been looking to bolster their roster to make a strong playoff run. The imminent return of Mike Tuck from a broken hand has also been alleviated by the signing of Drago.

“He is a team player that will look to make his teammates better and that is what we need at this point in the season.  We have a great group to make a push in the final stage of the season,” added Coach Lyons.

The arrival of Drago came at the beginning of the International break allowing him to have some build up time to the return to court for the Sharks.

“I am happy to be in Sheffield, it has been an easy place to settle into. I think I really fit with what Coach Lyons wants to do. We already have some very strong players on the squad so it is important I find my role to help the team win the playoffs,” said Brcina.

The Sharks return to action this weekend on the first of a series of away fixtures against the Worcester Wolves.

Their next home game is Fri 29th March v Bristol Flyers at 7:30pm. Click the image to book tickets!

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