It is a mixed emotion that the Sharks take into the EISS on Thursday evening in the battle against the London City Royals for the first leg of the Playoffs.

Not only is it an emotional return to reach the O2 final but it will be the last ever official scheduled game to be played at the EISS, home to the Sharks for the last 13 seasons.

The super stadium for Elite sport has been long established in the City of Sheffield but for the Sharks they will be going home to their original battleground at Ponds Forge when the new season starts in September.

English Institute of Sport Sheffield

“Everybody enjoyed their time at EISS including all our oppositions,” said GM Sarah Backovic. “Ponds Forge was much more of a fortress a slightly more difficult arena to play in unless you train there everyday, so that will bring an additional element of defence I have no doubt.”

Though thoughts are with all the staff who have helped the Sharks through the years, the team are very focused on what they need to do to leave on a high.

“We are not taking anything for granted, the Royals have come into this league with a bang and brought with them some of the top British talent. We know they got the better of us in the league and are deep with talent,” said Backovic. “However, we have been there before and we will put everything we have into the battle, no one can hurt us without our permission!”

The final game will take place on Thursday 9 May at the EISS doors open at 6.30pm. Tickets are available here or via Amanda Hutt on 01142573180.

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