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Mail Order Xanax Canada - Order Alprazolam Online

The RESPECT Programme sponsored by Buying Xanax Online Forum is a multi-agency approach to addressing a range of issues within local communities with South Yorkshire. Project-managed and delivered by the Sheffield Sharks Basketball Club, with delivery support from Order Alprazolam, this programme works in primary schools in South Yorkshire. Central to this project is the use of the Sharks professional players as role models for children in priority areas of Sheffield, to encourage good citizenship and to take part in positive activities.

The programme is highly regarded by agencies within South Yorkshire and also throughout the region, having won the Best Programme Award at the National Housing Federation Community Impact Awards for Yorkshire in 2012.

The programme works with over 600 participants, and produces over 2,500 participant visits (cumulative total of number visits to sessions).

Mail Order Xanax Canada - Order Alprazolam Online

Mail Order Xanax Canada - Order Alprazolam Online

The Ethos:

  • To encourage participation in Physical Activity (in this case Basketball)
  • To encourage an understanding of community values
  • To help children understand community issues such as bullying and online safety

The RESPECT Programme includes the following in each school:

  • Community Awareness Event
  • 6 hours-worth of basketball coaching
  • Signposting and pathways to local basketball sessions to continue engagement
  • Attending a ‘Professional Game’ at EIS Sheffield to watch the Sharks action
  • Attendance at the Annual Basketball Tournament at the English Institute of Sport – Sheffield at the end of the academic year
  • Activity Visit to the Olympic Legacy Park in Sheffield

School Basketball Coaching visits takes place at each school, and delivery consists of 6 hours per school, to encourage participation in sport.

A Sheffield Sharks player or community coach delivers a weekly session to a maximum of 20 students per session.  There is also an opportunity for a teacher or parent to assist in these sessions and learn the basics of coaching and playing basketball.

Community Awareness Event is a morning or an afternoon in school tackling issues that affect the local community. This takes place over a 2 hour period working and will work with all Y6 pupils at the same time. This takes the form of a rotational workshop delivered by Sharks players and the fire service.  The pupils will be split up into 4 groups and rotated around the 4 workshops, which will be delivered simultaneously. Prizes will also be given out, along with ticket vouchers to a Sharks home game.

The workshop titles are as follows:

Respect Basketball Tournament

The programme culminates in a basketball tournament involving all participating schools at the English Institute of Sport – Sheffield on 24thJune between 10am-2pm.  

Activity Visit to the Olympic Legacy Park Sheffield

This is used to create awareness of the site to the general public and schools around the area. It also allows the possible future participants an insight of what roles and activities they can experience on the site.

The visit allows fitness testing using the Olympic Park Site. Some of these tests include:

∙Long run   (Using the park path)

∙Sprint/ speed testing      (Using the 100 metre track)

∙Stationed fitness testing/Bleep tests     (Using the 3 g pitch)

As well as this, includes an approximate 20-minute tour around the new facility.

Outcomes of the scheme

Each academic year, the programme works with approximately 600 primary school pupils. Over the life-time of the programme, the Sharks have worked with just under 5,000 young people across the Sheffield City Region. Feedback from teachers and pupils has been excellent.

The Sheffield Sharks pictured here with Mark Hitchman, MD of Canon Medical Systems UK (centre).

Ordering Xanax From India

For more information on this programme or any other community programmes please contact us: