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Best Price Xanax Online - Alprazolam To Buy Online

The Sheffield Sharks are a professional basketball team that hail from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, that compete in the top tier basketball league in the UK – the British Basketball League (BBL). They are currently known as the “B. Braun Sheffield Sharks” as Buying Xanax Online Forum is their current naming right sponsor.

The Sharks are one of the most decorated teams in BBL history, boasting 14 different league titles.

Originally formed in 1991 as the Sheffield Forgers (a reference to the city’s history as a major steel manufacturer) the club would be rebranded in 1994 as the Sheffield Sharks and enter the British Basketball League. They would go on to dominated the league in their rookie season, finishing with a 29–7 league record, and taking home the BBL League Championship and National Cup. They would continue their winning ways through the 90’s and early 2000’s.

The club has played in many venues throughout their 25 year history – the Sheffield Arena, Ponds Forge, and currently the EIS – Sheffield (coined ‘The Tank’).

Behind the scenes a brand new arena they can call their own is in the works. The new facility will be known as the Park Community Arena and will be located at the Olympic Legacy Park (OLP) on the former Don Valley Stadium.

The Sharks most recent title is the 2016 BBL Playoff Final Championship where the Sharks defeated the Leicester Riders at the London O2 Arena in May 2016, Captain Mike Tuck took home MVP honours.